Saturday, January 06, 2007

Discuss "FREEDOM" with my daugther!!

Hi Girl,
I am not dissapointed with you neither I am angry with you. I think what we lack of here is communication.....I understand it have been harsh on you for the past one year but we think this the best alternative for your future. You may not understand the reason WHY but I too agree that one day you will understand.

I agree I am not a perfect father but I am willingly to listen and undertand your problem if you too willingly to play your part. I am once going through the same process as you experience now, to tell you truth, I encouter even more terrible experience in my childhood than you (Talk to your grandmother if you want to know more but I don't want you to burden with my story), I also have the same accusation made to my family when I was your age but when I grow older, I start to realise what is life!!!!!! then I start to appreciate what FAMILY mean to me, I start understand why my parent are doing to me at that age..... I start to realize a lot of ...a lot of things. I don;t expect to feel the same way now beacuse this feeling can only gain through have long way to go before understand what is this mean to you......!!!

Remember this, freedom come with a price, you only get your freedom if you earn for it or you have to be ready for it........Freedom does not mean going out freely, do not finish your homework and do not stay good grade with your school work.

I recognize that to ask you to take extra exam is putting a heavy load on your shoulder but this is going to end soon. I promise you, you will go back to your normal live.

Don't only blame your parent alone, everything have a cause and if we want to talk it out frankly and play our own part....thing will get easy!

There are a lot thing you still do not understand, I forgive you for your ignorant about LIFE, it is too hard to ask you to understand this topic but we want you to TRUST us, we are preparing you for your final FREEDOM.

I am always proud about you but sometime I get dissapointed on how you handle yourself but I believe you will understand one day how important to be able to know how to take care yourself and be able to manage yourself. You must understand if you want FREEDOM, you must know how to manage yourslf which include your FREEDOM.

How to manage yourself including instill self dicipline on your daily life, know how to finished homework on yourself, knowing when and what to do! play your own part of responsibility at home.

FREEDOM also doesn;t mean you can do whatever you want, buy whatever you tell you the truth, even for me and your mother we can;t do whatever we want and buy whatever we like even though we are financially capable of doing it.

So, girl, FREEDOM is not a simple topic to discuss neither it is not simple way to practice, however if you capable to get all the necessary skill to look for FREEDOM, you will get your "FREEDOM" one day. ( I put a " " on the word Freedom because you can never get a true Freedom.)

Lastly your mum may be HARSH on you but you must understand she have done all she can do to make sure you will get the best of everything. Communication is still the best tool to let you mum understand....let talk nice and reasonably to her and you must also learn how to deal with your parent ......this is part of skill you need to learn, not only to friends and teacher, parent also need to manage.... ( IF you do not know, welcome to talk to me!)

I am asking you to play your part and our parent play our part and I don;t believe we can;t sort thing out. I reassure you I don;t against your Freedom but you must prepare youself first before you can even ask for it.

I and your mum LOVE you with our WHOLE heart.

By the way, give your sister more LOVE and she will return with double! TRUST Me!!


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