Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Letter To My Daughter - Feeling Of Success

16th November, 2006.
Mandarin City 205.

Today I received a good news, my daughter achieve a great success in her examine scoring 7 straight A in her UPSR exam. A lot of people may not know how difficult this success has come by, how many efforts my wife and the family have put in, holding on two syllabuses in two different countries and putting a lot of hard time in my family.

I wonder whether my kid is able to understand the meaning of success and devotion in her achievement. How many effort needs to pour in and how many tears lead to this great moment. I want to ask her how she feel for this success……whether this is a great moment of her life…….Did she still remember the hard time she have gone through before she taste the great pleasure of success? How family has helped her to achieve this great success?

I want her to taste the feel of success? Why! Because once she taste it she won't want to let go this wonderful feeling and on the same time she do not forget she need to devote to earn this wonderful taste of success, nothing coming free not even the air we breath.

Life for her is just a beginning of a long journey, she have long way to catch up. I hope she will never forget the wonderful taste of success just like I have my first taste many many years ago. Although I am still struggling till today but take into account of the weakness I have, I shall say I am lucky enough……..considering the constraints I face, I shall say I have achieve considerable degree of success.

Beforehand, trust in faith, trust in yourself and pray everyday you will meet good people. I hope today is the beginning of better tomorrow for my daughters.

Let the praise that she received today from family, friends, teachers…..will create a force for her to continue to want to have the taste of success in her life. Let the feel of greatness fill in her heart….melt into her blood become part of her body and soul for ever lasting success in her life.

May god bless her!!!


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