Wednesday, March 14, 2007

RE : HK International Airport Cathay Pacific Lounge

I am waiting for my boarding to Taiwan and since I am taking CathayPacific business class, I am allow to use one of their business class lounge located different terminal in the airport, I went for the one located in terminal 2 which is nearer to my boarding terminal located at terminal 27. Cathay Pacific business lounge provided a very decent service for their business class traveller, they provide variety food in their menu including 3-4 type of noodles plus a cosy resting area and private cubicle for you to work on your computer.

My flight is schedule boarding on 2.45pm so I have little time updating my blog. Well!! although this is a business trip but it is my first trip to Taiwan and I getting a little bit excited on this trip thinking about the Taiwan local food and the big big book store. Due to my job committment, I used to travel to a lot of places including those renown airport in Europe and US but frankly speaking I still like HK International airport the most. I always want to spent more time to explore this place, their eatery outlet and this is also a good place for window shopping.

This airport never fail to surprise whenever I pay them a visit. I think KLIA have a long long road to go before it can reach the same standard.

Will update my blog again on my Taiwan trip when I got the time.


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