Friday, February 09, 2007

A Factory Outlet Shopping Experience !!!

I never like shopping but today I am given a task to spend CNY2,000 (RM1,000) in a factory outlet within 3 hours. For some people it is just like a chance of a life time but for me it is a nightmare.

The CNY2,000 is an incentive for completing a project given by y company management as a token of appreciation. A total of 21 persons each have to spend the 2K within specific time. I spent the first 1 hour wondering what to buy and finally I settle for the following item:

1. A pair of Lotto sport shoes for my wife
2. A pair of Mizuno sport shoes for Yi Ling.
3. Redbok beg.
4. A pair of Clark leather shoes for myself
5. A Polo business suit.

Total spending :CNY2,011 and the original price is more than CNY5,000.00 – 40% discount!!! I don't believe myself, I just spent RM1,000 for the above items, I never spend so much in one shopping before.....!!!!!!!!

Am I happy with my shopping experience......No!! (Ha!Ha!...)


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