Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Going Home!!!! - A Dream That Come True.

Well! tomorrow I will be taking Dragon air flying out from Shanghai. Stop by Hong Kong for a day before flying back to Penang the next day, then stop for another 2 days before going back to Sungai Siput for Chinese New Year!

Wow!!... what a complicated journey and yet wonderful experience for me. I call this a dream come true because I always long to be back to home even from the first day I step in this foreign soil. ( what to do ...to earn a living, you need to sacrify!!)

I does recall when I was in TARC college many many years ago, I always looking for going home day.....frankly speaking after so many years I realize that it is not the final destination I am excited but it was the process of going back make me excited...from the day to Puduraya to buy ticket till the day I carry my beg taking Lian Seng 191 from Taman melawati to Lebuh Ampang. Carry a heavy beg(full of study material) walked up to Puduraya for my final journey home.

"Going Home" memory suddently flash back to me now after all thiw year. The destination still unchange but journey is different now, instead of taking express bus now I am flying back, instead of taking 3 hours to reach home, now I am taking a more than a day to reach home.....No matter what...I still enjoy the same journey of going home.

Home sweet home....I am on my ways ( BTW where is my home?...confuse! confuse!---the pain of growing up!! Ha! Ha!)


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