Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Cup of Coffee and Your Cup of Coffee - Part II !!!!!!

We all have our own cup of coffee and it is always we like to look at other cup of coffee, wondering whether other cup coffee taste better than our cup of coffee!! This is like we have are very own life but always like to compare with other people life without knowing that our life will fade away due to lack of focus.
Every of us have different story, how we are brought up, the school we attend, the group of friend we mix with, the career we choose etc will make each of us different from others. Human are always greedy, we want more than we are affordable to own!!! Some people may claim that we need this kind of behavior to force us to strive for success, I agreed but this theory only work only if we know the "real us".
Have we wonder how many time we spend a day, a week or a month try to understand our need, whose really we are!!!! If not how to we convince ourself we understand whose we are!!! SO start to allocate some time to focus on understand the "real you"!!!


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