Sunday, November 11, 2007

Xi Hu Hangzhou - Misty Look in a Summer rainy day

Here come the second part of my Xi Hu entry. This time I present you with the misty look of Xi Hu, there are lot description how beautiful xi Hu can be in a misty rainy day and in Mandarin it mean ”烟雨江南“ the first two words mean " misty rainy day" and the second last two words mean "the region located in southern part of Yangtze river" literary it mean Hangzhou.

The ancient Chinese literature always like to use misty Xi Hu as a symbolic of romantic and beauty of a scenery but the set of photos you view below have not able to provide you the same degree description of what so call ”烟雨江南“ because I don't think my little humble Casio Exilim can do the job?

Remember I take the same angle for my sun set photo but it will look differently in a rainy day.

Another misty look!

A stone gate..I have a similar shot for my sun set entry! How different there are? not in turn of the physical look but the atmosphere that I want to present!!!

Ah ! this is my favorite shot!!! I just want to tell something in this shout !! Can anyone guess!!!!

My next entry will be my last part of Xi Hu faces - The Snow white look of Xi Hu in Winter!!!


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