Saturday, May 19, 2007

German Trip - Hamburg on a Quite Sunday Morning

I arrived in Hamburg quite early on Sunday morning, after checking into my hotel, I decided to walk around the city. Although this is my second time I come to this city but I have not really have time to explore it in detail.

Weather in the Sunday morning was nice, sunny day about 21-24 degree Celsius but according to my German colleagues this is not an usual weather, it suppose be a raining season around the end of Spring.

Just like I have mentioned on my last entries, Sunday in Hamburg is very quiet, even in the late morning, around 10.00am - 11.00am, you still can find any pedestrians on the street.

I decided to walk down to the city hall where most of the coffee shop is located and as you observe from the photo below, there were people sitting along the building located along the beautiful channel

Look at the white building and all of them are not higher than 6 storey. I can tell you if you walk along this coffee shop, you really understand what is the feeling of "relax"......u can just take a book and sit there for a whole afternoon with a cup of Cappuccino.
Only few people on the street !!!

This life performer is funny and if you drop in some coin, she will move the ball holding in her hand for few round and then will stand still until somebody drop in another coin.

Burger King outlet!! Nice building!

One thing you appreciate about Hamburg was the environment is so clean and even the white swans were able to swim freely along the channel without being disturb by the pedestrians.

Another view along the channel!

Empty street !!!!!

The city hall where may be is the only place you can find people sitting around, of course most of them are tourist like me!

The street opposite the hotel I am staying!
My next update I want to talk about the beautiful European type of building structure I find around Hamburg. I found the European building in this part of the city very attractive to me.


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