Friday, April 20, 2007

China Golden Week Holiday - To Taiwan Again!!!

After I come back from German business trip one week later, I am planning a family trip to Taiwan again! I don't recall I ever have a full family trip before, I guess it is because all the while I am working a board and with whatever reason, I don't have the opportunity to plan a family trip.

Why I choose Taiwan? The reason is simple, with China having the Golden week holiday ( 7 days holiday for the whole nation), you basically find the mainland Chinese all over the place in SEA, Europe, HK and any other place that have open up for China tourist and even in Shanghai, it will be full of tourist coming from all over China. Under this kind of circumstances, it is difficult to book a tour out of China. The only place that are not yet officially open for China tourist is Taiwan, so this is the reason I choose Taiwan! afterall my family have not been to Taiwan before!

I just get my air ticket for the trip and just now I receive confirmation from my Taiwan local tour package which I have booked a 5 days tour the Taiwan island trip. My colleague in Taiwan office help to source for the tour, thanks Joyce.

Frankly speaking, the cost of the package is little bit expensive with the air ticket I bought from China. You can't fly directly from Shanghai even though it is not more than 2 hrs between Taipei and Shanghai but due to political reason, I need to fly to Korea - Jeiju island to make a detour to Taipei or alternatively I can transit in either Macau or Hong Kong which will take longer time amd more expensive to reach Taipei.

I have a lot of expectation and worry as this is the first time our family travel together and it is also the first time we go on our own. Hopefully my two little kits will enjoyed the trip and everything can turn out smooth.

I have little time in Taipei city but I will try to visit the night market and 101 building again. But before that .....Germany business trip first......!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow ......Hamburg, here I come....!!!!!


At 3:13 PM, Anonymous titep said...

yih , you also going taiwan on that period of time a ?
then may b we will meet in taipei somewhere and we will pass by and duno each other (jz like in the movie )haha

At 11:36 PM, Blogger Coketai said...


Pay attention to a men with a lot of white hair plus 3 lady ( 1 wife + 2 young girls....I am going to spend most of time in Tai Chung + Tai Nam. Let see....this world is small, anyway.


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