Friday, September 05, 2008

What a day!!!!

Life sometime come with a lot of surprise, sometime when you think you are ready but most of the time you are caught in surprise! During the recent Merdeka Lunch gathering in Shanghai, I pump into my old college mate whose I have not contact for over 18 years! but funny though, we used to live in a city for almost 5 years and we never come across each another and have to wait until 18 years after to meet in a foreign soil!!! That I call surprise!!!!

Then suddenly I find myself reconnect back to my old college mate that some of them have not met for decade, we start to exchange e-mail and chat about old time!!! I am kind of person whose like to attach to memory but I fail every time to recall what I have lost.........!!!! May be the reality of life force me to admit that I should forgot the pass and focus on the future. However when you reach certain age, you tend to slow down the steam for the future and start to appreciate the pass, I am not saying that we should not continuous to improve but you just like to search the pass in your memory.

Any how, life need to go on and there are so many commitments in life you need to fulfill before you can really decide what you want to do without need to take consideration of others. Hopefully I will have more surprises to come!!!



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