Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chinese New Year is over - I am back to Shanghai!!!

Well! It is seem like yesterday, time fly and now I am back to work. This CNY holiday have a lot of different meaning to me. I need to organize my thought before I can share it in my blog, anyway, one thing for sure I knew CNY was just like another holiday and I do not have much to feel now day.

May be I realize I can't control much of my own way of living which make me feel there are no more desire to celebrate CNY .................I suddently realize I spent less and less time on my own way of celebrating CNY because I let go many many memory and the wonderful feel of CNY .

I try to recall what have I gethered from the past one week of CNY and I will try to write down my memory journey and how I loss the kind of wonderful CNY feel......I will try to record in my next few blog as to how and what have happend during the recent CNY and I want to write it down so that I can find out why! may be someday in the future.

Friday, February 16, 2007

I Reaaach Home Already!!

I finally reach home after flying more 7 hours! Just like I mention on my previous blog, my excitment is ended at the moment I reach Penang- my destination....anyway, I manage to catch some local delight before call it a day:

1 bowl of "Wantan" noodle.
1 bowl of " Hokkein Mee"
1 glass of Kopi'O' ice.

More food to come on the next few days.......!!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Going Home!!!! - A Dream That Come True.

Well! tomorrow I will be taking Dragon air flying out from Shanghai. Stop by Hong Kong for a day before flying back to Penang the next day, then stop for another 2 days before going back to Sungai Siput for Chinese New Year!

Wow!!... what a complicated journey and yet wonderful experience for me. I call this a dream come true because I always long to be back to home even from the first day I step in this foreign soil. ( what to do earn a living, you need to sacrify!!)

I does recall when I was in TARC college many many years ago, I always looking for going home day.....frankly speaking after so many years I realize that it is not the final destination I am excited but it was the process of going back make me excited...from the day to Puduraya to buy ticket till the day I carry my beg taking Lian Seng 191 from Taman melawati to Lebuh Ampang. Carry a heavy beg(full of study material) walked up to Puduraya for my final journey home.

"Going Home" memory suddently flash back to me now after all thiw year. The destination still unchange but journey is different now, instead of taking express bus now I am flying back, instead of taking 3 hours to reach home, now I am taking a more than a day to reach home.....No matter what...I still enjoy the same journey of going home.

Home sweet home....I am on my ways ( BTW where is my home?...confuse! confuse!---the pain of growing up!! Ha! Ha!)

Friday, February 09, 2007

A Factory Outlet Shopping Experience !!!

I never like shopping but today I am given a task to spend CNY2,000 (RM1,000) in a factory outlet within 3 hours. For some people it is just like a chance of a life time but for me it is a nightmare.

The CNY2,000 is an incentive for completing a project given by y company management as a token of appreciation. A total of 21 persons each have to spend the 2K within specific time. I spent the first 1 hour wondering what to buy and finally I settle for the following item:

1. A pair of Lotto sport shoes for my wife
2. A pair of Mizuno sport shoes for Yi Ling.
3. Redbok beg.
4. A pair of Clark leather shoes for myself
5. A Polo business suit.

Total spending :CNY2,011 and the original price is more than CNY5,000.00 – 40% discount!!! I don't believe myself, I just spent RM1,000 for the above items, I never spend so much in one shopping before.....!!!!!!!!

Am I happy with my shopping experience......No!! (Ha!Ha!...)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Congratulation GWEN!!!!!

I posted this blog to congratulate GWEN and her little princes; I am amazed by the eyes contact of this new born baby with her mother. Look at the photo, her eyes contact is so touching. I have to admit that the photographer is awesome, only the baby father is able to catch this precious moment.

Gwen, you should be prouded of yourself, the baby girl is so pretty……and this is a very important milestone in your life, no matter what have you suffered before, starting from this moment onward you are a mother of beautiful baby girl, so be proud of yourself, be proud of your family.

Again Congratulation to The GWEN FAMILY and the lovely Little Princess!!!

Saturday, February 03, 2007




This the second movies I saw this evening, friendly speaking there are both equally good but I have to admit that I like "生日快乐" more than "男才女貌" mainly because I feel that "生日快乐" story line is more simple and more real whereas the second movie is a little bit complicated and more commercialized -- because it always have a good ending.

Funny though the two movies are directed by same movie director!!! Anyway both are worth seeing in the cinema.


《生日快乐》就是这样的好看电影,这是一个很刘若英气息的故事, 写的事都没大事,也不用太技巧的手法词汇,流畅白话说着一段感情,朴朴实实的说了一段故事,最让我感到动心的事,爱情电影老是女性观点,男人总是没想法也没感受的,但这电影很客观的轮流着一段是以男性的看法;一段是女性的描述,一来一回的接着说完这故事。两个人都是凡人,有自己的想法也友自己的情绪,相爱了合不合适、合不合时、合不合地,这些人事间的小事,在爱情里的两个人的心中都成了大事,有时男的来劲了女的却退缩了;有时女的勇敢了,男的却身不有己。电影里没有替两人的想法多作解释,就让故事顺着时间的进行往前走去,多处让人看了深叹,这样的说故事法真像真实的人生,人生总是在不停的新的错过与傲悔中过来的。---姚谦看《生日快乐》观后感

I like this movie because everybody whose have seen this movie can have their own interpretation about the movie, the nices part is that there are not too many wording and sentences between actors in the movie, it is all about feel that flow through two normal human being or all other people around them.....their parents, their old uni mate, ......!!!!!

One more things, the back ground music is awesome! The movie comentary even come with a FLASH that feature a beautiful piano sound track (