Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Taiwan Trip - Toys for my kids (pillows with MP3 speaker)

Edward recommend this two toys to me when we were loitering around 101. This particular shop sell a lot of small interesting soveniour item and this MP3 speaker pillow, I found most interesting, each cost 550 Taiwan dollor which is roughly 55 Malaysia ringgit.

You can plug you MP3 or Ipod into the pillow and it run on 2 A5 battery. My kids were so excited when I present this to them. I asked Edward to bring 3 more for me on his next trip to Shanghai. I can use them for birthday gift, afterall it is not expensive and most important the toy is very appelling to kids , I believe even adult will find it interesting.

There actually have 4 choices: Piggy, Banana, Panda and Dolphin.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

HK International Airport Dragon Air Business Lounge

4 day ago I was in the same airport but in a different airline business class lounge waiting on board to Taiwan but today I am in the same airport in a different business class lounge waiting back to my "HOME" -- Shanghai.

Dragon Air Business class lounge also provide a very decent service similar to their sister airline Cathay Pacific. Although their food choices are not as many as Cathay but the portion is more generous. Environment wise, I feel Dragon Air is more spacious in term of their internal decoration.

Well! I have completed my business trip in Taiwan. The past 4 days have been very fruitful for me, I have to thank many wonderful colleague in the Taiwan office that provide me a very comprehensive introduction to the Taiwan business as well as the city itself. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Edward for his very very kind hospitality, Pei Cheng for sacrify her time to accompany me, not forgeting those wonderful and beautiful/handsome finance colleages- Mira, Jeffery, Mei Ling........., Our marketing super lady- Theresa and the handsome, cool tough Sales Direct Eric Sheng. Oh ! I really forget the other Eric for telling me all the trade marketing story. Thank you all of you.

I am not going to talk a lot about the food in Taiwan( a lot of people I have mention it already) but I want to make a special entry for the tallest building in the world ( as at 18th Mac, 2007) --- The Taiwan 101 building in my next update. Until then I will have a hectic schedule in the week to come.... God Bless me!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

RE : HK International Airport Cathay Pacific Lounge

I am waiting for my boarding to Taiwan and since I am taking CathayPacific business class, I am allow to use one of their business class lounge located different terminal in the airport, I went for the one located in terminal 2 which is nearer to my boarding terminal located at terminal 27. Cathay Pacific business lounge provided a very decent service for their business class traveller, they provide variety food in their menu including 3-4 type of noodles plus a cosy resting area and private cubicle for you to work on your computer.

My flight is schedule boarding on 2.45pm so I have little time updating my blog. Well!! although this is a business trip but it is my first trip to Taiwan and I getting a little bit excited on this trip thinking about the Taiwan local food and the big big book store. Due to my job committment, I used to travel to a lot of places including those renown airport in Europe and US but frankly speaking I still like HK International airport the most. I always want to spent more time to explore this place, their eatery outlet and this is also a good place for window shopping.

This airport never fail to surprise whenever I pay them a visit. I think KLIA have a long long road to go before it can reach the same standard.

Will update my blog again on my Taiwan trip when I got the time.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

RE: Last Day Of Chinese New Year

After much thought, I just want to put an end to my CNY topic, I don;t feel to talk about it anymore, what have gone is gone just like today is the last day of 2007 CNY....and it always be another CNY and another CNY so let it be................