Saturday, May 26, 2007

Part I = The journey to my first ever dining experience in Hamburg

Ok! Let talk about this wonderful dinning experience during my recent trip to Hamburg but before I even talk about the dining experience, I want to share with all of you about the journey to the restaurant.

We start off the journey on the fifth day of my trip. After a long day meeting, my colleagues Rosmann want to bring us to this wonderful Fish restaurant located on the outskirt of Hamburg city. The journey took about 1 hours from the hotel we stay.

There were a lot greenery along the way as you can view from the photo I have taken below. We arrived in a small town after nearly an hour car journey but I enjoyed every second of it especially with the fresh air on a sunny evening. According to Rosmann we have parked our car and to take about 40 minutes hour walk down the hill toward the sea.

As you can see, there were a lot of greenery from the both side of the road!

We finally arrived in this little German town !!! Peaceful and quite!!!

The houses is very well structure and probably taking care of. According to Rosmann people like to live out of the city because of the fresh air and wonderful neighbourhood.

We have walk pass this park to our destination! By looking at the photo you can feel the relaxing mood of this place!

Another view from the part!

After we walk thru the park we found ourself in a lot of small lane located along the hill side and you can see the small lane are very well maintenance.

I am taking this photo on top of the hill looking toward the river!!

You see the houses located along the hill side and although it was built on a standard structure but it all look very nice especially all this house have a lot of windows.

There were a lot of this small lane located a long the hill side!

Another close view on the houses built on the hill side!

Another close view of the houses !!!

More closer!!!

Here is our final destination- Fish Club!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


COLD CASE is a drama about Lilly Rush (Kathryn Morris), a dedicated female detective in the Philadelphia homicide squad, who finds her niche when she's assigned to "cold cases"--crimes that have never been solved.
Previously, she used her instinctive understanding of the criminal mind on current murders. Now, she's interrogating witnesses whose lives and circumstances have since changed, making use of today's new science and finding fresh clues to solve cases that were previously unsolvable--all of which appeals to this smart, driven detective.
She's also prepared for the consequences--that her work will open up old wounds and may lead suspects to commit new crimes. When she hits a dead end, Rush seeks advice from her respected mentor, Lt. Tom Stillman (John Finn). Also on the team are Det. Scotty Valens (Danny Pino), Rush's confident and strong-willed partner; Det. Will Jeffries (Thom Barry), who's been around long enough to serve as Lilly's link to the past, Det. Nick Vera (Jeremy Ratchford), a tough cop who's considered the go-to guy for getting a confession and Kat Miller (Tracie Thoms), the new girl on the team who is eager to prove her worthiness.
Rush sees her new assignment as a turning point in her career, when she decides to make it her business to make sure that no victim is ever forgotten.

- Quoted from CBS - Cold Case Web Site

This CBS TV series may not as hot as CBS others TV drama such as CSI, CIS New York or Hero but I found it worth seeing because of the following reason :

1. There have individual story for each episode for easy viewing.

2. Their story line is interesting because there are solving a old and unsolvable case and most unsolvable is because there involve mostly human conflict such as complicated family matter, colleagues jealousy, lovely hate and all is about human which make this TV drama less violent than any normal action pack drama.
3. Due to the nature of the story line, this drama include of lot of good music in each of their
episodes. I can tell you guys, if you love old song, you definitely love their music, you can get information on their music clip from this web site I get very touching whenever I saw the ending and unsolvable is being solved, it always accompany withe music that fit the ending.

4. The characters of this drama is acted by normal actors and actress but I found the main cast Kathryn Morris whose play the role of Lily Rush very attractive. She have the fine and easy look!!!

There were now in session 4 and I just about to finish them when I decided to write this blog to share with all of you. Believe me, just go to get the session one and start listen to the beautiful songs and appreciate every single touching story line.
You will never regret!!!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

German Trip - Hamburg European Style Building !

Hamburg being one of the most important port in Europe and the center of economy for German was nearly destroyed during second world war. However there are some old and historical building survived the allied bombardment and some of them are built hundred over year ago.

One of the most significant different between US and Europe when travelling to this two places were you hardly find any historical building in US that more than 100 years old but when travelling in Europe one of the thing you must do is to observe the very beautiful historical building structure located in each of the city you visit, there were uniques and each of them may be built century ago.

Look the statute crafted on the window !!!!

This is shopping outlet located on the main street of Hamburg walking down to the City Hall. When I first saw this beautiful building, I was stunt !!!!
Another beautiful building with uniques window

Hamburg City Hall....I will do another entry special for this beautiful place

Very beautiful !!!

Upper class resident area
Another resident houses!

I live the window structure of this building
A lot of ...lot of window!!!!

Exibition Hall!
I will blog one of my dinning experience in Hamburg and I breakdown my next blog into two part:
Part I = The journey to my first ever dining experience in Hamburg.
Part II = The restaurant!!!

German Trip - Hamburg on a Quite Sunday Morning

I arrived in Hamburg quite early on Sunday morning, after checking into my hotel, I decided to walk around the city. Although this is my second time I come to this city but I have not really have time to explore it in detail.

Weather in the Sunday morning was nice, sunny day about 21-24 degree Celsius but according to my German colleagues this is not an usual weather, it suppose be a raining season around the end of Spring.

Just like I have mentioned on my last entries, Sunday in Hamburg is very quiet, even in the late morning, around 10.00am - 11.00am, you still can find any pedestrians on the street.

I decided to walk down to the city hall where most of the coffee shop is located and as you observe from the photo below, there were people sitting along the building located along the beautiful channel

Look at the white building and all of them are not higher than 6 storey. I can tell you if you walk along this coffee shop, you really understand what is the feeling of "relax"......u can just take a book and sit there for a whole afternoon with a cup of Cappuccino.
Only few people on the street !!!

This life performer is funny and if you drop in some coin, she will move the ball holding in her hand for few round and then will stand still until somebody drop in another coin.

Burger King outlet!! Nice building!

One thing you appreciate about Hamburg was the environment is so clean and even the white swans were able to swim freely along the channel without being disturb by the pedestrians.

Another view along the channel!

Empty street !!!!!

The city hall where may be is the only place you can find people sitting around, of course most of them are tourist like me!

The street opposite the hotel I am staying!
My next update I want to talk about the beautiful European type of building structure I find around Hamburg. I found the European building in this part of the city very attractive to me.

Monday, May 14, 2007

German Trip - Hamburg on a Quite Sunday Night

I have been very busy since I return from my German trip, only now I have the time to sort out my photo and put it nicely to update in to my blog. Since I am not on a tour itinerary on my German trip, I was able to explore a little more on Hamburg with the help from my German colleagues. I have plan a several entries on my German trip according to different topics which provide more insight about this cities.

These is the first part of my theme entry which highlight a very unique Sunday night scenery in Hamburg. As you can see from the photo I have taken below, you basically can't find any pedestrians on the street.....this a unique about this cities.

According to German labor law, no shop is allow to open on Sunday, except for eatery outlet, restaurant or any public necessities serevice such as train, bus etc. Due to the following reason most of the Hamburg people will stay at home or go outskirt to enjoy their Sunday rather than going to the cities.

But the interesting part is all the shop will put on the light on their window of their shop to use as a symbol of attraction on this quiet Sunday night.

I put up tow part for this entry as I find there are a lot interesting window display that I would like to share with all of you.

Empty Street with beautiful building structure

A street that is quiet with only the light from the shop window but with the nice weather and clean breath from this city ( as compare with the polluted air in Shanghai), I find myself enjoy the peacefulness of the night.

Anothe view from the quite Sunday night

Famous H&M outlet with the nice window display.

Braight Body Shop Outlet

Interesting window display

Another empty Street, by the way I remember it was just around 8.00pm on the Sunday night

Another famous brand in Europe

2nd part coming soon!!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Taiwan Trip - 花莲慈济精舍

This is the first blog I update on my trip to Taiwan, in fact Hua Lian is the last destination of our Taiwan Island tour. Our visit to 花莲慈济精舍 is not on the original plan. When we realize that there was no itinerary on the afternoon after we landed from Kao Shyong, my wife immediately suggested that we pay a visit to 慈济. Since my wife was the member of this charity organization in Penang and being an active member, it is her wish to pay a visit to 慈济 operating center in Hua Lian especially to 慈济精舍 where their spiritual leader is located.

By the way, 慈济 charity organization is one of the few biggest charity organization in the world and their reknown for their effective and efficient of organize charity activities thru out the world.

They have many sub branches globally and Malaysia have their main center in Penang and operate across all other state.

There is once saying that if there any disaster happened in any corner of the world, the first charity organization that reach the spot will be 慈济 not the Red Cross organization, WHY? because 慈济 are given free hand to their member to act immediately on charity or disaster relief activities without going thru many red tape as compare with the Red Cross organization. They have very efficient resources mobilization mechanism that can reach any part of the world in the shortest time. I have seem how they mobilize the resource during the tsunami few year back and 慈济 restoration work for Sri Lanka tsunami victim still continuous till today.

If you want to know more about the organization, you can visit Malaysia 慈济 web site as follow : or

This is the original place where the 慈济 charity orgnaization was started and it symbolic the spiritual place for the 慈济人.

The standing person was the Master 上人, the founder of the 慈济 charity organization.

花莲慈济精舍 have a lot of Japanese style building structure, as you can view from the photo I took above, this hall is used as a meeting hall for visitor with the Master.

We are cordially invited to the tea session with the Master.

The group of volunteers from the 慈济 hospital pay their respect to the Buddha statute locate inside the building before end of their day session. Some of this volunteers come to Hua Lian to work for the 慈济 hospital for few months in a year and they all will stay in the hostel local around the 慈济精舍 building.

This is another Japanese style hut where the visitor can have some tea or water for refreshment.

This vegetable farm field is operate by the慈济精舍 Master and all the vegetable is use for own consumption. I and my family were invited to have dinner in their canteen and I can tell you the food in the canteen is very delicious even though there all vegetarion dishes.

静思堂 is the place where 慈济 exhibit their teaching and activities to the public and it is interesting to know that all 静思堂 located thru out the world have a very similar building structure to the one shown above. I recall the Penang 静思堂 look similar to this building.

The 慈济 hospital building in Hua Lian

The Volunteers working in the Hua Lian 慈济 hospital.

This have been a very interesting experience for me and my family especially my wife because she got to visit 慈济精舍 on her birthday and to a 慈济人 it was a blessing in deed.