Saturday, April 21, 2007

Shanghai International Airport - China Eastern Airline Business Class Lounge

This is the entrance to business lounge located at the lower level

of terminal 22

Inside view of the lounge, look at how old the chair is !!!

Another view of the internal deco!! ( Old but nevertheless, it equire with wireless board band)

I was taking China Eastern Airline business class lounge photo for my blog update, this German old man look at me with some wired sign... I guess he is wondering why I am taking the photo and when I approach him, he ask me my purpose and I told him that I am doing some update on my blog.

He asked me why I took a photo of a business class lounge that provide the worst service that not even meet the basic need of a normal business class lounge standard...... the deco is old, the food is lousy ( basically none..!), the worst thing is that the air con is out, we are hot like hell!!!

I have been visiting this lounge for sometime, frankly speaking I do agree in some degree with the German guy. The food choice is very limited- basically none, there only have some soft drink and the choice is very limited, some nuts and biscuit in hot food at all. If I want to compare them with Dragon air and Cathay Pacific business class in Hong Kong Int airport , there are way way way........out!!!

However, one feature I think they did wonderfully is installing a wireless board band service around the lounge which to me a lot of international airport business class lounge was not able to provide.

Shanghai is going to host the 2010 World Exhibition and China Eastern airline is the sponsor air carrier. Hopefully by then they will improve the lounge service.

By the way, I do ask the German guy why he don't choose other airline and he told me that China Eastern have install a new airplane for their Europe destination so he want to try the new feature in the business class.

Well! he is true, as we are provided with a flat capable business class seat which allow us to sleep almost as flat as the bed at home!! Unfortunately I have not taken any photo on the seat, may be next time.
Next update : Business Class lounge in Frankfurt!!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

China Golden Week Holiday - To Taiwan Again!!!

After I come back from German business trip one week later, I am planning a family trip to Taiwan again! I don't recall I ever have a full family trip before, I guess it is because all the while I am working a board and with whatever reason, I don't have the opportunity to plan a family trip.

Why I choose Taiwan? The reason is simple, with China having the Golden week holiday ( 7 days holiday for the whole nation), you basically find the mainland Chinese all over the place in SEA, Europe, HK and any other place that have open up for China tourist and even in Shanghai, it will be full of tourist coming from all over China. Under this kind of circumstances, it is difficult to book a tour out of China. The only place that are not yet officially open for China tourist is Taiwan, so this is the reason I choose Taiwan! afterall my family have not been to Taiwan before!

I just get my air ticket for the trip and just now I receive confirmation from my Taiwan local tour package which I have booked a 5 days tour the Taiwan island trip. My colleague in Taiwan office help to source for the tour, thanks Joyce.

Frankly speaking, the cost of the package is little bit expensive with the air ticket I bought from China. You can't fly directly from Shanghai even though it is not more than 2 hrs between Taipei and Shanghai but due to political reason, I need to fly to Korea - Jeiju island to make a detour to Taipei or alternatively I can transit in either Macau or Hong Kong which will take longer time amd more expensive to reach Taipei.

I have a lot of expectation and worry as this is the first time our family travel together and it is also the first time we go on our own. Hopefully my two little kits will enjoyed the trip and everything can turn out smooth.

I have little time in Taipei city but I will try to visit the night market and 101 building again. But before that .....Germany business trip first......!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow ......Hamburg, here I come....!!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Germany Trip 22-28 April

I am bit lazy to blog nowday because I am tied up with work. Before I can finish myTaiwan trip entries and now I am on business trip again to Hamburg next week. I love this place very much as I do not need to be in the hectic environment like Shanghai with everywhere is "people mountain, people sea".

I visited Hamburg last year August but at the time I loss my camera SD card during the trip with all the beautiful photo and this time I make sure that I will secure the SD card properly so that I can upload into my blog and share with all of you.

One more thing, this time around I have my Germen colleagues to guide me around after work for food and scenery......I hope I will have a fruitful trip even though I am stuck with full week business agenda in HQ. ( this is how Germen work! Come to work mean come to work no extra time for you to hang around.....respect them!!!)

Yah! I am travelling with business class, which mean I can check on the business class lounge in Frankfruit and Hamburg . Let see how different there are with the airport lounge compare with this part of the world.